Lorna Simpson:

Summertime has a particular kind of rhythm. It is an in between time, bookended by the rebirth of Spring and the quiet withdrawl of Fall. Long days and warm nights extend the hours for making memories with loved ones and new lovers. Summer time eases us outside, heightening our awareness of the world around us. The streets fill with songs written for the season, weightlessly bouncing from car windows and drop tops to harmonize with the natural beatmakers of crickets and kids with no curfew. Summer slows us down, allowing our senses to feel everything we cannot see.

Summertime has that Lorna Simpson kind of rhythm. For more than three decades, Simpson has used photography, film, painting, and collage to stretch the space between appearances and ideas. Her artworks reconfigure concepts of beauty and power, and make us more aware of how we all use our personal experiences and cultural inheritance to define the meaning of images. Summer doesn’t ask for clarity or truth, it hazily conjures new narratives and emotions. So, it felt right during this season to present two of Simpson’s films, and let them fill our museum with sounds and a suggestion that time itself is something to form, something to hold, something to witness, and something to commit to memory.

Your Summer Love, 
The UM

Summertime features two of Simpson’s video works: Easy to Remember (2001) and Corridor (2003). On view July 13, 2019 through September, 2019.

Installation views, Lorna Simpson: Summertime, at The Underground Museum. Courtesy of The Underground Museum. Photos by Zak Kelley.